Lost Little Ones

Sadly every year many families suffer the pain and trauma of baby loss. We know how important it is to provide these families with the time and space to create precious memories with their baby which will need to last a lifetime.

By supporting this appeal you will help us to provide the funds to create a dedicated suite and attached outside space on the labour ward for bereaved parents. The suite will allow parents to stay together with their baby in a comfortable, non-clinical environment and provide an outside space where families can relax in the fresh air and spend quiet time together away from the rest of the ward.

We are looking for people, groups, businesses and organisations to support us. The appeal has just launched, so now is an exciting time to get in touch to find out how you could get involved right from the start. The sooner we can raise the funds we need, the sooner we can start making a difference to people going through the darkest of times.

If you would like to make a donation, would like to fundraise for it or if you or someone you know has suffered a loss and would like to be involved in helping to design the suite, please get in touch with the Charity team by emailing charity@mcht.nhs.uk or by calling 01270 273248

Parkrun for Lost Little Ones appeal


We are raising funds to create a dedicated baby bereavement suite at Leighton Hospital. There is a small chance we will raise more than we need for this project. If this happens, or if for any unforeseen reason we are unable to proceed with the whole re-development project, your gift will be used to purchase equipment, furnishings and similar items which will benefit families affected by baby loss at Leighton Hospital. Your gift may also be used for staff development and training which directly benefits people affected by baby loss.