Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity is thrilled to announce that it has now reached over a third of the way towards its target of £1 million, and has raised an incredible £350,000. IMG_4213wr

The MRI Scanner Appeal was set up to provide Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with a much needed new MRI scanner in addition to the existing MRI scanner. The current MRI scanner already operates on a working day of 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week, and the demand for scans already exceed capacity. An extension to the existing usage could compromise the patient experience. Therefore, it was decided by the Trust to install a new MRI scanner to accommodate for the shortfall in capacity and deliver a long term, crucial, sustainable MRI service at Leighton Hospital.

MRI Scanners are used by all cross-sections of the community to help diagnose many different conditions including back injuries, heart conditions, neurological conditions, certain cancers and sports injuries as well as being able to be used by people such as pregnant woman, babies and children.

Achieving the £1 million target to buy the new MRI Scanner will deliver a number of benefits to patients, staff and the Trust. The larger size of the new scanner will accommodate a variety of body shapes, sizes and clinical conditions, as well as reducing claustrophobia. It will offer a generally improved patient experience, reduced failure rates, additional MRI scanning capacity, faster scan times and a reduction in MRI waiting times. The additional scanner will also deliver increased diagnostic accuracy, therefore offering improved clinical outcomes.

Laura Riddle, Charity Manager comments, “We would like to thank everyone who has helped us and participated to reach this milestone. £350,000 is already a great achievement and we can’t show our gratitude enough.” Laura continues on, “However, we still have a way to go to reach our target of £1 million and need businesses and people to continue supporting us. We have a special CSR Christmas campaign launching soon for companies and groups and are introducing new sporting events in 2016 for individuals to participate in.”

Should you wish to participate in any fund raising to help Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity before Christmas, there are a number of events taking place including a coffee morning at Gee’s Kitchen on Thursday 26th November, a Firewalk on Saturday 28th November from 5.00pm and a Christmas Carol Concert on the evening of Wednesday 16th December, 2015. Alternatively, you can donate to the MRI Scanner Appeal online by visiting www.mchcharity.org. Text mchc00 and your amount (e.g. mchc00 £10) to 70070. Texts are free on all networks. Maximum donation by text is £10.

For more details about events, the MRI Scanner Appeal and the work of the charity, contact Charity Manager, Laura Riddle on 01270 273248 or email charity@mcht.nhs.uk